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The Dating Channel was launched on UK satellite digital TV as a free to air TV channel on 1st November 2001. The concept, Video Personal Ads broadcast across the nation and catering for the UK’s growing singles population. Each person featured is issued with a unique and anonymous Voicemail account where potential suitors can leave messages for the people featured on screen.

The Dating Channel provides a free and easy way for single folk across the nation to get themselves seen and noticed. There has never before been a platform such as this available to the general public that allows them to introduce themselves to literally millions of potential new friends and acquaintances.

Each person featured on The Dating Channel also has an internet account and email box created for them at Registered members of can email all other account holders free of charge and TV viewers can send text messages to featured video profiles which will then be delivered to their Dating Channel email box as well as to their mobile phone should the recipient so choose.

Keen to embrace advancing technologies in messaging services and backed by a major telecoms provider The Dating Channel has since incorporated a live SMS chat service into its broadcasts, allowing viewers to interact with one another instantly from the comfort of their living rooms.

The Dating Channel offers a host of solutions for all those in the UK looking to expand their social horizons and to meet new people. The channel is keen to embrace all cultures and different sectors of the UK’s population. Everyone is welcome.

If you would like to feature a video of yourself on The Dating Channel please contact us on 020 7748 1500 to arrange to come in to have your profile filmed. You are also welcome to film your own video profile and our Editors will polish it and apply the appropriate graphics. Alternatively give us a call to find out when a Dating Channel film crew is next in your neck of the woods.

Mail your profiles to…

The Dating Channel
PO Box 18371

All video profiles must be accompanied by a signed release form and membership application that can be downloaded from this site.

Good Luck!

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