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  Need some help in your quest to find love? No problem! Below are a list of questions we get asked all the time here at The Dating Channel. Choose from one of the main topics below or scroll through the lists to find the answers to’s most frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find an answer to your query then feel free to e-mail us at

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Questions & Answers  
  Q:  I forgot my username/password. Can you tell me what it is?  
    A.  No problem! Just e-mail us here on and we will remind you of your details. Please remember to include your nickname and the e-mail address you used when registering in your e-mail. If you can’t remember your password, email us with the email you used to register yourself and your date of birth.  
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  Q: Can I change my password?  
    A. Yes. Just go to Change Password link under the login box of the home page or login and then click on the Change Password link there.  
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  Q: Why can’t my username be the same as my email address?  
    A.   Your nickname is a unique word or phrase that you select – maybe it describes your personality or what you’re looking for in a match. Unlike your email address, your nickname doesn’t have to correspond in any way to your identity outside the community – ensuring that your anonymity is protected until you decide to reveal it.  
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  Q: I haven’t received my password, what can I do?  
    A.   The password and other account details are sent automatically to the e-mail address you used to register with us. If the e-mail address had an error in it, then you will not receive your account details. If this is the case, please do not register again, but mail us on stating the nickname and the e-mail address (you think) you used to register.  
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  Q: How do I Create a Profile?  

A.  Creating a profile is not only free; it is incredibly easy and will take only a few moments of your time! Tell us all about yourself, who you are, your lifestyle and what it is you seek in a relationship. Our short and simple questionnaire will bring to the forefront your personality traits and interests and gives you the opportunity to describe your personality even further, in as much or as little detail as you like! Don’t waste any more time… create your profile NOW!

Writing a successful personal ad is similar to creating the perfect advertisement or award-winning novel. You are selling yourself so be creative, honest and specific about what you want. Need help writing a personal profile? Then look no further than The Dating Channel Guide to writing a personal profile…

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  Q: How do I Update My Profile?  
    A.  Easy Peasy. To update your profile simply login, select My Profile and once there click Edit Profile. Amend as necessary and when done scroll to the bottom of the page and select Update Profile. All done!  
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  Q: What are The Dating Channel’s profile guidelines?  
    A. welcomes all single adults seeking one-to-one relationships ranging from companionship to friendship, romance to marriage. However, we may reject profiles if… your nickname, profile headline, or narrative text contains any personal contact information (e-mail addresses, phone numbers, full names, addresses), any location or descriptive information that threatens a member’s anonymity, abusive language of any kind, descriptions or discussions of illegal acts of behavior or overt sexual innuendo or discussion. Also, will not accept content from individuals under the age of 16.  
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  Q: How do I remove my profile?  
    A.   Please contact us in order to have your profile deleted. Please make sure that your nickname and password are included in your mail.  
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  Q: What does ‘Profile Browsed’ mean?  
    A.   This is the total number of times your profile has been browsed by a new user. It will not keep count of multiple visits by the same person.  
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  Q: Why should I post my photo on  
    A. is committed to helping members find good quality matches, and looking at photos is an important part of most people’s selection process. A nice picture of yourself adds personality and presence to your profile. What’s more, profiles with photos get browsed eight times more often than those without photos.  
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  Q: What are the guidelines for posting a photo?  

A.   Committed to providing our members with a secure, comfortable environment, we reserve the right to crop or reject any photo at our discretion. Photos will not appear on the site until they are approved which usually takes no longer than one working day.
Please observe the following guidelines when uploading your photos.

  • There should be no nudity.
  • Photos should be of you only!! If, in your main photo, it is unclear which person you are, it will not go on the site. If you are unable to crop or edit a group photo then feel free to e-mail the image to us with an description of your position in the frame, leaving the rest to us.
  • A portrait-style photo of just head and shoulders is preferred.
  • Obscene gestures and lewd behavior will not be allowed in photos.
  • We reserve the right to reject any photo that is not rotated, resized, or cropped correctly.
  • The only photo formats that will be accepted are .jpg files that are under 100k in size.
  • Any other file types or compressed files will be rejected, as will links to photos on the internet or photos in HTML messages.
  • In any image you choose to submit your face needs to be plainly visible.
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  Q: How do I post a photo(s)?  

A. All you need to do is log on with your nickname and password. Go to the ‘upload photo’ link. We recommend that you scan your photo to a width of 10cm and a resolution of about 150ppi. Click on ‘main’ if this is the first photo you are trying to upload. You then need to click on ‘browse’, find the file that is your photo, click OK and then the ‘upload’ button. You can choose which photo you want as your main image and then add others to your photo album. Please ensure that your photos are of decent quality and within the guidelines set out above.

Alternatively, you can e-mail us your photos to along with your nickname and password and we’ll add them to your profile for you.

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  Q: What if I don’t have a scanner?  
    A. If you do not have a scanner, we can scan your photo for you! If you would like us to scan your photo for you then please send a photo that conforms to the guidelines above to:The Dating Channel, P.O Box 18371, London, EC1V 2RP. Be sure to put your user ID and nickname on the back of the photo.  
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  Q: How long will it take for my photo to appear?  
    A.  We should be able to approve all photos within one working day.  
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  Q: I’m following all the guidelines and still having trouble posting photos. Any suggestions?  
    A.   If you’ve followed our Photo Guidelines and still have trouble posting your photo, please contact us.  
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  Q. How do I remove a photo from the website?  
    A. Please contact us providing your username and password and specifying which photo you would like removed.  
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  Q: What is Search?  
    A. Searching allows you to specify the types of member profiles you want to see. You can conduct an unlimited number of searches by selecting the preferences and characteristics of your desired match. Start with location, age, and gender. Then narrow your search with physical characteristics, lifestyle practices, and relationship desires. Play around and try a variety of searches. You never know where you’ll find your perfect date!  
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  Q: What is the Difference between Normal Search and Advanced Search?  
    A. If you know the nickname or the video box number of the person you are looking for then you can simply enter the details and hit ‘go’ to find out more about that special someone you’ve got your eyes on!

Instant Match is the easiest way to find a match. We simply take the information from your profile and match you with other members within your age group. A Normal Search will find you people by basic matching criteria, such as age, sex and location. Finally, an Advanced Search is the most comprehensive of all our searches, allowing you to express more comprehensive requirements, such as physical features, social circles, hobbies and interests.

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  Q: How do I view my matches?  
    A. Having filled in the search details of what it is your after simply click ‘Find a Match’ to view the results…  
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  Q: Why am I not getting many matches?  
    A. There are a number of ways to increase your number of matches. First make sure you have created a profile. The criteria in your searches may be too specific. Try to broaden your match criteria. For example, if you have height requirements of 5’1″ – 5’4″, try expanding those by a few inches!  
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  Q: How do I add people to my buddies list?  
    A. After logging on and searching for the profile of another member, there is an option on the far right of their profile to add them as a buddy. If you click on this, it will start to create a buddy list. You can click on the buddies list on the left navigation bar and view and delete buddies as necessary.  
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  Q: How do I block mail from a particular user?  
    A. Tick all the people in your inbox that you want to block and then click ‘block’ at the bottom of the page. This will prevent any mail that they send to you from reaching your inbox.  
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  Q: I am receiving rude e-mails – what should I do?  
    A. As well as blocking the sender of rude e-mails, you can also contact us at and if we deem it necessary we will warn or even remove the user from the site. Please remember to copy the offensive email into the message you send us to help us deal with it appropriately.  
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  Q: Why does the site seem to be slow?  
    A. may be experiencing technical difficulty. We know what it’s like to be in a hurry to find love, but please try again later. It could be that the connection on your end may be the cause. Double-check your modem settings or connection speed to make sure you’re connected at the highest possible Internet connection rate. Or it could be that the Internet itself may be experiencing a traffic jam. Try again at another time when the information highway may not be so heavily traveled.  
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  Q: How can I find people I have seen on The Dating Channel TV  
    A. All video profiles on The Dating Channel TV (Sky Guide 682) now feature on our website. You can either search for their videobox number (as seen on TV) or simply scroll through the examples on the Video Profiles page. You can download and watch as many videos as you like for 1 hour by obtaining a passcode via your mobile phone. It costs £1. You can also click on their Web Profile and find out more about them for FREE provided you have registered to use our site.  
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