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Success Stories
This is our favourite part, where job satisfaction really hits home! Where we share with you a pick of Dating Channel success stories thus far & the views of people that have found our services particularly rewarding and have been in touch to let us know about it.

Here are the stories of successful Dating Channel members, who either submitted video or on-line profiles, discovered that special someone whilst browsing our extensive database of potential dates or who simply got caught up in the mobile phone SMS messaging phenomenon that is TEXT TV.

Swamped with admirers and potential dates, they chose well, and now live much fuller and happier lives, destined to live happily ever after… courtesy of The Dating Channel!

Do you have a Dating Channel success story? We would love to hear from you! Click here and send us an e-mail telling us all about it!

…i would just like to say that I had a profile on the website before and I did meet someone then and we are still together and things are going great – long distance but its good so thank you

Caroline & Graham
I met my hushand on the dating channel on sky.We started texting in august 2002… We got married on august of last year… I love him more and more each day.There is someone out there for each of us. Just like to thank the dating channel for helping me find my soul mate and graham for making me the happest woman in the world.


Nial & Emm (alias: Nurse Duckett)
Hello Emm here from Emm and Nial on the success stories, i was just letting you know how Nial and I are doing now.

We have been together two years now and are just as in love as when we met, we are also living together as we cannot stand to be apart. I would just like to say a quick hello to my man as it’s not far from Valentine’s day, and say that i love you with all my heart and hope to have many happy years like the two we have already shared together.
(See below for first entry).

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Dr.Sparky and Little Emma Lou
i recently met my dream girl through your web site… well she found me, we hit it off and things are going great…. we plan to get married next year! wow many thanks guys!!
Dr. Sparky

Thank you so much Dating Channel I have found the man of my dreams on this site he is gorgeous, here is a picture of us, (mr and mrs Sparky) I never thought I would be this in love. I am moving in with him in 5 weeks and hope we get married soon too.
I Could never thank you enough
Emma x


otterley and dickiev (Avril and Richard)

Dear All at the Dating Channel,
Well, as promised, some pictures of the wedding. It was beautiful. The church service was wonderful-it included a blessing which neither of us had ever encountered before at a wedding, which was incredibly heartfelt and romantic, despite our being of the ‘older generation!’ For someone who never thought they would ever fall in love? it was a fairytale experience (Otterley). As for Richard (dickiev)? he can’t believe his luck !!! and yes, she is now PERFECT! 😉 !!!!)
For all those out there looking for we have found? Keep looking, your sould mate is still out there and waiting.
All we can say is, thank you to ALL the staff who keep this site going-without whom, we would never have met. Would have sent a piece of cake-but he ate it all! 😉
Love from Richard and Avril xxxx


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Emma & Sean
Dear all,
Just wanted to let you know that I met my husband via the dating channel ten months ago, as a lonely single mum it was ideal for me and I got talking to Sean who lived 70 miles away. After two months my son and I uprooted and went to live with him. We are now happily married and are expecting a baby in December. Thank-you!
Christian & Eddie
Hi! im christian, and i’d just like to tell you guys that i have met my boyfriend off the dating channel, we met via the text service on the television. We have been going out for a couple of months now and i have just bought him a comitment ring, to show how much i love him, is name is Eddie, i would be delighted if u could put this message on the success stories page, and we would both like to say thank you to the dating channel!

christian x
Richard & Carol
Just wanted to drop you all a quick note to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!!
I discovered TDC in October 2002, I had recently left my ex of 14yrs and thought I’d text in for a laugh. Almost immediately, I met Richard. After a couple of nights texting and getting to know each other, we progressed to (lengthy!!) telephone calls and have been in daily contact ever since. This weekend Richard came to stay with me and we had the most amazing time. What next? Well, who knows!! Will let you all know.
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Lelly2 & Gina
After watching ur show n usin ur datin technics …… girl called gina n i hocked up n have been 2gether since. We r ever so happy n very much in love! We have seta date 2 b bless this month on valentines days. Thank you ever so much……. as b4 hand withus both bein women we found it hard 2meet pple let alone sum1 u love. We r very thankfull xxxxx
Kitty Kat & DavidCoventry
I would like to say thanks very much for the service you provide.
We both meet in a chat room on the old site. We have now been together
for 3 years in march. We where both in deep stages of depression and together
we pulled each other out. We are now engaged and living together with our
gorgeous two boys.
If it was not for your service god only knows where we both would have been
Our names where Kitty Kat and DavidCoventry i think i was.
Anyways thanks a lot and i hope you bring many more unhappy couples together
to brighten up many peoples lives. This has to be one of your greatest succsess stories.
Thanks so much
David and Krisztina xx
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Just wanted to say thanks for helping me to meet a lovely guy from the
opposite end of the country. Went on your show in Ibiza 2002, for a laugh,
not looking for a relationship as I’d split up with my husband in Jan. I sent
a txt 2 1 of the no.s on the bottom of the screen (whilst searching 4 my
video clip), but somehow the 1 I thought I was answering wasn’t the guy who
replied. After txting 4 a couple of days we talked on the phone (for 9 hrs),
spent a number of nights till the early morning on the phone, then had a
nervous 1st meeting. I moved down to London from County Durham in Oct. and
the rest, as they say, is history!

I’ll keep you informed of any further developments!!

Agnieszka & Adamski
Dear Dating Channel,
I wanted to let you know of my success story – In April 2001 I started seeing “Agnieszka” , after corresponding through the site for a couple of months, and we have been together ever since! (my old nickname was “Adamski”).
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Mandywkd & Richo
Thank you for your services I have found a very loving relationship through yourselves.
Thank You
Nial & Emm (alias: Nurse Duckett)
well, where do i start? a while ago now i found myself on the dating channel perusing the masses, and stumbled across a profile which made me smile to myself and inspired me to put pinkie to key and go say hello. a little outrageous flirting, a couple (ok, a lot) of phonecalls later, a horribly nerve-racking first meeting (i was a “meeting people off the internet” virgin) and i met up with my new found angel, and have been hand in hand ever since. sickeningly sweet isn’t it? but it happened…. so there – and we’re still together now 6 months later and all thanks to you guys. and (assuming you post this on your site) if you’re reading this babe, then i love you more than ever xxxxx


Hotlips & Scott
I would just like to say that if i hadn’t of joined the dating channel as a laugh I would never of met my now fiance scott who i met for the first time in person on april 4th 2001. He mailed me on here for a laugh to see if he would get a reply, I’m so happy i did reply because we have now been together a year and 4 months and we also have a baby son corey who was born on febuary 14th, so thank u so so so much cos if it wasn’t for u guy’s i wouldn’t be as happy that i am now and i wouldn’t have my gorgeous little boy.


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Cadman_uk & Julietromeo
Thank you!!!
Cadman_uk met julietromeo through the dating channel.
My life was totally changed when we met. We are now engaged and will marry very soon. DC I thank you.
PS I did it and so can you. There’s someone out there – Just keep looking!!! GOOD LUCK
textbabe & allan
Just like 2 say thank u 2 the d.c cos i met a fantastic bloke called allan on here. he came 2 my home town 2 meet me almost 2 wks ago, we were instantly attracted 2 each other but unfortunately he has a new job in hong kong & flies out there 4th sept 🙁 i have no regrets meetin him cos i now know ive got a special friend who i think a lot of so thanx again xx
Call me Joe & Hotrockingchick

hey just to keep a update on ue we been together now for 9 months 1 week and
still going strong and maybe getting enagaged very soon and all ready planned
our future together thanks once again for the happeness that u daing channel
gave us lots of love xxx

i like to thank THE DATING CHANNEL for bringing me and my man together, we
first meet 4 months ago been going since the day we met, and looking forward
to a life time of happyness. Thanks once again for making my life happy, i
hope for years to come u make more and more peoples life happy by bringing
people together!

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Southeastman & Barbarella
Just a quick line to let you know that I met Barberella through your website in February 2001 have been seeing each other ever since. We got married on 6.9.02, here’s a picture of the happy event.
Have there been any other couples who have tied the knot through meeting on your website?


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Thanx from Superdick and Della,to tdc for getting us together ,it was love at first sight for both of us.We have been together 3 months and plan to spend a lifetime together.So once again
I am just writing to thank THE DATING CHANNEL.
You have helped to change my life forever. I have met the man of my dreams through yourself and we are very happy . I don’t usually use dating services but I am glad that on this occasion I did. A BIG THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!

Kind Regards.

thank u datingchannel if i had never signed up i would not of found my mr right we have been 2 gether 4 3 1/2 months he jus live in a town about 12 miles from me we are very happy and in love i love him soo much as he dose me jus 2 say it is a good channel thank u again
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Update from Toddthesexgod & Leelush

We just thought id keep you updated as the last time me (Leelush) and my boyfriend (toddthesexgod) let you know how things were going was when we had been going out for 4 months. We have been together now for 9 months, and he has been living at my house which i live in with my parents for nearly 4 months. Yesterday (30th december 2002) we booked our very first holiday together!!!!!!!!! Were both really excited. We are going to a greek island called Kefalonia for two weeks in July!

We are so happy together and we would never have met if it wasnt for the dating channel. So again thank you so much!

Have a great new year everyone at the dating channel.
Best wishes
Lee and Todd xxxxxxx

Toddthesexgod & Leelush

Todd: “We met up after speaking on the dating channel and we have been going out for over 4 months and are both very happy! We thank you dating channel!”

Lee: “We have been together for over 4 months now and I’m SOOO HAPPY! Thanks a lot. Lee xxxx

Radsas & Neilly
We met up after speaking on the dating channel and we have been going out for over 9 months and are both very happy! Even thou we are both 320 miles apart from each other we see other when we can and visit when either Scotland or Manchester.
Thank u Dating Channel
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Skitz & Muffin
Hi, I just wana say a HUGE thank you to everyone at the dating channel that make meeting ur loved ones so easy.

I started using that dating channel just for a joke…. I mean I didn’t think I was actually guna meet someone I’d end up loving to bits.
from Muffin xxxxxx
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Kinky Devil & Geordie370

“To The dating Channel,

Hello I’m known as kinky devil on the dating channel and i would just like to thank you so much as i have met my dream man Geordie370 on your site aswell. We started talking over two months ago and eventually met 2 weeks ago and we have fallen madly in love with each other.. so thanx again as we couldnt have done it without your help.

Yours faithfully J.Y.”

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Da Totty
“I would like my to be removed from the dating channel site as i have met my future husband through you and no longer need to find someone.. thanx for the service and keep up the good work… “
Subject: I love the Dating Channel and hueva set it up!!
“I just have to say I LOVE whoever built the dating channel site, because about ten/eleven months ago I went on the site as a joke, I wasn’t seriously looking for anyone, and my best friend’s mom put me on the site for a laugh. So I decided to see if there were any fit guys on it. I found one guy that I thought was really good looking, so I thought I might as well say hi. I never actually thought id ever meet anyone from the internet because of the dangers, but ten/eleven months later after we have been talking for all that time, we met on the 4th april, he stayed over at my house and now we are going out. THANK YOU !!!!!!
I love my boyfriend he is SO adorable!!! “
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Members of TXT.TV
“i want EVERY1 2 know that i met Kez on the d.c. + he is the best ! (the man 4 me :-). luv u babe – tim.xXx. (200507)”
“Tj-ur channel got me all loved up with nik in lancs, crazy bout each other but im in swansea! We both drive & hes down here nxt wk, met once already, phwoar! X thanx by the way! (209008)”


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